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Several erotic changes, but also sex-related attitude can help you experience such moments of pleasure again and again. Unlike men who can enjoy orgasm almost every time they have sex, women are not as lucky. Female orgasm is much more difficult to obtain and depends on many factors. But beautiful sex representatives also have an unimportant advantage: they can have multiple orgasms. Some simple changes in your sex life can help you experience these moments of pleasure repeatedly. Here's what to try:

Explore your body

Sexologist Jullieta declares that women were accustomed to believing in a fantasy, namely that a prince would appear to give them the ultimate pleasure. This conception is quite wrong, because no one can know your body better than you and no matter how experienced a man is, he will not succeed in discovering what you like and what not. Therefore, what you need to do is to explore your body, to test various forms of orgasm, to try different forms of masturbation and to use the vibrator. And when you discover what your sensible points are that gives you an orgasm, then you can use them to have explosive amorous parties, with multiple orgasms.

Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are a form of toning the muscles of the pelvic area, including vaginal walls. These are the muscles that control the flow when urinating. During orgasm, the intense contractions of these muscles are those that intensify the pleasure. And because of the Kegel exercises, the muscles tone up and blood circulation is stimulated, which increases the pleasure during orgasm, increasing the chances of having multiple orgasms. All you have to do is contract your muscles every day and then relax them alternatively. You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere.

Change your attitude to sex

To get the most out of your sex life, you must sometimes show little selfishness in bed. Love parties should not only satisfy your lover. And when you enjoy more pleasure, your desire will grow and you will want more. Make sure your boyfriend knows that too. If orgasm is not an experience you meet too often, then you need to make some changes. Do not be happy to choose the same positions and moves every time, especially if they do not work. Take the initiative, try techniques and positions that you like and be bold. Your boyfriend will surely appreciate this new attitude, and you will enjoy multiple orgasms much more often.

Use your imagination

Erotic movies and books help you get into that state of mind that will allow you to experience multiple orgasms. The imagination will simply heat up your body. Watch erotic movies with your boyfriend, or read and try to put into practice that erotic passages from the book. You will be able to experience new and exciting things.